7 Ways to Maintain Your Yoga Practice (and Sanity) During Holiday Travel

ON December 20, 2016

Defuse holiday stress by maintaining your yoga practice.

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5 Practices for Embodying Joy This Holiday Season

ON December 15, 2016

Practices that will infuse your yoga with childlike delight this holiday season.

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Ayurvedic Holiday Hacks

ON December 14, 2016

Easy ayurvedic tips you can use to ground and nourish yourself this season.

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Scientific Research: Yoga, Aging, and the Brain

ON December 13, 2016

Yoga may buffer the effects of age-related decline.

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The Case for Avoiding Weight-loss Language in Yoga Class This Holiday

ON November 22, 2016

Yoga as a refuge from cultural messages that we are "not enough."

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3 Reasons to Stick to (Or Start!) Your Meditation Practice

ON September 29, 2016

Scientific studies that will inspire you to practice meditation regularly.

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Yoga and the New Science of Pain

ON February 25, 2016

You will never look at pain the same way again.

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New Research on Yoga and Bone Health

ON December 22, 2015

New Research Suggests that Even 12-Minutes of Daily Yoga May Improve Bone Health

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5 Yoga Practices You Can Do Anywhere This Holiday Season

ON December 9, 2015

Happy holiday season! Here are five simple, discreet, stress-busting poses you can practice while you're waiting in line shopping for gifts!

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New Research Suggests that More Poses May Be Safe for Pregnancy

ON November 18, 2015

New research on pose safety during pregnancy.

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